Conard's Concrete Products LLC

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Company Profile:
Conard's Concrete Products was founded in 2013 after the owner Tim Conard was offered the opportunity to begin manufacturing a new and innovative stackable insulated concrete wall system.
The Complete Block system can be used for residential and commercial building construction, safe rooms, storm shelters and fences to name just a few. These blocks are very cost effective alternative to ICF (insulated concrete forms). They require much less labor to erect and don't require any special equipment such as braces or concrete pumps.
1391 SW 825 Rd, Holden, Missouri 64040, USA
Stackable Insulated Concrete Wall System
Hours: 9:00 to 5:00 Monday to Friday other times by appointment
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Check out the newest most exciting way to build your new home. Our blocks assembled according to your plan yield a beautiful, strong, well insulated home. The blocks are the exterior finish, insulation, and interior wall studs all in one.

The exterior will be stamped with your choice of one of over 40 patterns and can be dyed or stained with one of over 40 colors.

Enter your shelter from inside the house without going out into the storm. Build a functional addition to your home that doubles as a storm shelter. A walk in closet or pantry can be constructed using the blocks for all four walls against your house and entered thru a storm door.

Our blocks can be used for almost anything you can build with poured concrete or concrete blocks. Build a small storm shelter, home or addition, or a large multistory commercial building.
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